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Companies are FAILING miserably in developing an EFFECTIVE content marketing strategy. This blog was designed to understand the core principles that drive an effective content marketing campaign and help your customers reach the core of your audience by creating content that sells and engages.

I strongly believe that creating content is not enough anymore. If you want to impact your customers you’ll need more than that.

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Since I started in the marketing world, I decided I wanted to innovate and find new ways in which companies could reach its customers by creating content. Today, I devote my time in developing strategies that help companies create effective content marketing strategies.


I honestly can't say enough good things about Rodrigo. Rodrigo constantly exceeds my expectations. He is one of the hardest workers I know and never--ever--has an excuse. He just gets stuff done on time and with high quality. Plus his attitude is among the best of anyone I have ever worked with. Never blaming anyone else. Always taking full responsibility. Always making things right.

John Sonmez


Rodrigo is awesome—he has become the gold standard that I now measure every team member by. He also thinks about the tasks he's working on, and he proactively makes improvements to systems and processes as he goes.

Josh Earl