Optimize Old Content: How To Get More Leads And Sales Without The Need To Write New Content

A while ago I wrote an article with lots of astonishing facts about content being produced each and each day online. Content marketing seems to be getting more and more popular. However, very few people talk about how to optimize old content.

With the production of online content increasing each and each day and the demand for content staying the same, how do we make sure that the content you’re producing will be noticed? This is what we will talk about in this article.

Why Optimize Old Content?

You might be wondering… “Why should I optimize old content if I can produce new content?”.

7 (Smart) Ways To Monetize Your Content On YouTube

Despite some experts calling it the “downfall” of social media, YouTube is still growing and engaging users in ways we could never seen before.

YouTube is definitely transforming itself in a powerful broadcast tool, gathering audience from videos, livestreams, series, etc.

However, some people still think they can get rich from YouTube. They’re still searching for that goldmine that YouTube once was.

But things do not work like this anymore. Ad revenue is not worth it unless you have a pretty much HUGE following on your back. Which might not be the case here.

4+ Million Blog Posts Per Day… Why Should People Read Yours?

Have you ever played that game “Where’s Waldo?”. In that game you had to find, well, Waldo, which is a pretty funny guy. The books were filled with LOTS of information and, your objective was to search for the red-striped T-Shirt guy. Does it remind you of something? Maybe content marketing?Where's Waldo

Can you find Waldo? I guess you can’t. At least, not at first glance.

This is exactly how the internet feels nowadays. People won’t be able to find you (yeah, you’re Wally) in the so crowded space we live in.

How TV Shows Are Finding New Ways To Engage Fans On Facebook

Things are changing and they are changing fast. Actually, very fast. This is why companies are desperately trying to find new ways to engage fans on Facebook.

Entertainment media is transforming itself from its core lately. Over the past few years, especially after the creation and massification of the internet, the way people watch videos is going from a passive watching to a collaborative watching.

The rise of social media just made it easier for the viewers to collaborate and engage with their favorite shows, movies or music videos. How many times have you seen fans raving on twitter,

What Being Close To “You’re Fired” Has Taught Me

I’ve heard people say that hearing “You’re Fired” is as bad as death… And they say that life plays like a movie when you’re close to death. People say that their entire life just flash before their eyes, making them re-think and even change some important aspects of their life, when they’re close to death.

Thank god I’ve never experienced it. Nor is what this blog post is about.

I decided to write this quick introductory post just to show you how some events in our lives make us rethink most of our actual choices and lifestyle.

YouTube Marketing Strategy: Sell MORE Using YouTube

This is 2018. Not only YouTube but the whole social media marketing has changed A LOT. We’ve known the rise of social media as ad platforms and its owners trying to get the best out of it. However, things have changed and they have started to make tweaks in their platforms that made a lot of marketers furious. In order to succeed you’ll need to build a clear and efficient YouTube Marketing Strategy.

YouTube marketing has also changed a lot. Since the rise of YouTube, the platform has gone through some major changes. The strategy you used 10 years ago do not work anymore.

Freelance Online: Landing The Perfect Job On UpWork

UpWork is the first place freelancers come when they’re looking for an online job. I can definitely relate to that. When I wanted to freelance online, from all the places, I started on UpWork.

When I first started, UpWork was the first place that showed in search results that would point me to the “dream” of landing my first online job.

I must admit I’ve searched for a lot of other websites that could point me to “more opportunities”. I was wrong.

“Maybe, if I gather all these websites I can land more jobs,

Photography Career Paths: Which One Is Better For You?

Just like in any other creative profession (or any profession at all) there are a lot of different paths to choose from. And just like in any other profession, you have to pick one of them. With photography it is no different: there are a lot of photography career paths to pick from.

Being a “Jack Of All Trades” means that you will be recognized as someone who is able to do everything but you can do nothing.

Think about that person that someone just calls when everything goes wrong. Being a “Jack Of All Trades” means you won’t be the first option for any gigs people might think of… Unles,

Freelancing Is Risky: 5 Myths You Need To Bust If You Want To Succeed

One of the things I hear the most when it comes to freelancing is that is it not stable enough.

I can’t count the times I’ve heard from friends or from newbie freelancers on the internet about the fear that they were experiencing when it comes to starting a freelancing career, especially in the creative world.

At first, it was very difficult for my family to finally understand the road I was pursuing.

“Freelancing? What the hell is that? When are you going to get a REAL JOB?”, they said (as if these ass bursting that I was doing could not be considered already a steady job huh?).

What Employers REALLY Look For In Creative Professionals

If you’re a creative professional (a writer, a filmmaker, a photographer) you’ve probably been in the position of looking and searching for a job, right?

As a freelancer (well, almost) filmmaker, I’ve been there too.

I’ve started my career on UpWork, looking and working for a lot of different clients, trying to make a living and earn the money to pay my bills.

Some might call it luck and others might call it action, but I’ve been quite successful in the short time I was on UpWork, managing to get some high paying clients and a lot of different gigs.

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