7 (Smart) Ways To Monetize Your Content On YouTube

Despite some experts calling it the “downfall” of social media, YouTube is still growing and engaging users in ways we could never seen before.

YouTube is definitely transforming itself in a powerful broadcast tool, gathering audience from videos, livestreams, series, etc.

However, some people still think they can get rich from YouTube. They’re still searching for that goldmine that YouTube once was.

But things do not work like this anymore. Ad revenue is not worth it unless you have a pretty much HUGE following on your back. Which might not be the case here.

YouTube Marketing Strategy: Sell MORE Using YouTube

This is 2018. Not only YouTube but the whole social media marketing has changed A LOT. We’ve known the rise of social media as ad platforms and its owners trying to get the best out of it. However, things have changed and they have started to make tweaks in their platforms that made a lot of marketers furious. In order to succeed you’ll need to build a clear and efficient YouTube Marketing Strategy.

YouTube marketing has also changed a lot. Since the rise of YouTube, the platform has gone through some major changes. The strategy you used 10 years ago do not work anymore.