How TV Shows Are Finding New Ways To Engage Fans On Facebook

Things are changing and they are changing fast. Actually, very fast. This is why companies are desperately trying to find new ways to engage fans on Facebook.

Entertainment media is transforming itself from its core lately. Over the past few years, especially after the creation and massification of the internet, the way people watch videos is going from a passive watching to a collaborative watching.

The rise of social media just made it easier for the viewers to collaborate and engage with their favorite shows, movies or music videos. How many times have you seen fans raving on twitter, rapidly putting controversial episodes or movie launches at the top of trending topics? I guess you have answered a lot.

That is the new scenario of entertainment media. And there is only one word capable of summarizing everything we’ve discussed: engagement.

Without engagement today, it is almost impossible to create a successful entertainment video whether it is for internet, cinema or tv.

So, let’s see how some tv shows engage with their fans on Facebook. You can use most of the tactics here presented, whether you are a tv show marketer, a director directing an independent movie, a youtuber… The core principles are just the same.

So, let’s dive deep into the fascinating world of entertainment engagement.

Everyday Events related posts

Bob’s Burgers is one of my favorite tv shows right now. Actually, I would say from all time. The way the characters have their unique personality makes me wonder if someday I’ll be good enough to tell a story like that.

WELL, I’m not here to talk about the story. I’m here to talk about how brilliantly the engagement is made on its Facebook page. The posts often receive thousands of likes and hundreds of shares. Let’s see Bob’s Burgers strategies on its Facebook page.

What is the best way to engage an audience if not creating something that they can directly relate to? Bob’s Burgers uses constantly the technique of picking something from their show and relating it directly to a simple event that could happen to anyone.

It does not have anything extraordinary. It is a simple daily event: Something that most people face, something that went wrong.

Check the post below to see exactly what this is about:

This post consists of simply relating the fact of locking yourself out of your car and yet it received more than 2,000 likes and 69 shares by the time I took the screenshot. Definitely, a gold shot when it comes to engaging fans on Facebook.

Look closely at your content and find everyday events you can relate to your viewers. Of course, it will depend on who your audience is and what content most relate to them.

Commemorative dates

It is a very common practice of tv shows (and brands in general) to use commemorative dates to connect with their audience. People actually love to see their favorite shows, movies, etc. actually wishing a happy “something”.

Of course it is good to post on how many commemorative days you can, but be sure not to overdo it. Instead, choose a few that are most related to the content of your work and use it. Again, let’s see how Bob’s Burger did on Mother’s Day.

As you can see, just 11 minutes after it being posted it generated over 591 shares and more than 2,400 likes.

Another show that used the mother’s day event brilliantly was Bates Motel. If you’re aware, Bates Motel tell the story of Norma and Norman Bates and all the history before the brilliant Psycho movie.

The problematic relationship between mother and son was used to market the series in a genius way.

Before you start sharing like a lunatic, remember to be true with your messages. The audience actually knows if you’re being true or just using it to market your work. Always relate it to your content the most you can.

Backstage Pass

Fans LOVE backstage! It gets all the magic world of video production closer to the people who love to watch the show.

Every time you have some backstage pass photos, videos to post… Just post it. People will rave: like the post, comment how much the actors and actresses look lovely and it will create lots and lots of engagement.

See how Scandal used a photo of Quinn and Huck backstage to create engagement.

Catch Phrases

People love to share catch phrases with people they love, their friends, share on facebook and even use as status across social media.

Choose the most important catch phrases of your characters (what defines them most) and use it to promote your show.

Again, look at how Scandal used an important phrase said by Olivia Pope:

This post was liked more than 35,000 times and shared more than 3,000. Pretty good huh?

These were just a few strategies used by marketing professionals to market important tv shows, movies and other media.

You may be asking yourself now “Ok, but these fan pages are huge, I’ll never get this level of engagement”. Well, sure you won’t, but this process of creating and marketing is a slow one.

These types of posts actually generate engagement and the more you get your audience engaged, the more you’ll experience the built of a community around your projects.

Engage Fans On Facebook… For You?

I hope these quick examples could expand your horizons and open your mind up to the infinite possibilities for engaging fans on Facebook (and other social media channels).

The key is: Experiment. Try new things. Don’t be afraid to fail.

The good things is that these strategies can be applied to A LOT of different industries, whether you’re a company, a SaaS, a freelancer. People love engagement. People need to feel entertained… And social media is all about entertainment.

Give me a shout if your company is doing well on social media and what strategies you’re using right now.

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