YouTube Marketing Strategy: Sell MORE Using YouTube

This is 2018. Not only YouTube but the whole social media marketing has changed A LOT. We’ve known the rise of social media as ad platforms and its owners trying to get the best out of it. However, things have changed and they have started to make tweaks in their platforms that made a lot of marketers furious. In order to succeed you’ll need to build a clear and efficient YouTube Marketing Strategy.

YouTube marketing has also changed a lot. Since the rise of YouTube, the platform has gone through some major changes. The strategy you used 10 years ago do not work anymore. Now, you’ll have to update your game if you really want to stand out from the crowd.

Latest and significant changes

YouTube is changing a lot of algorithms and elements that were once used to help creators to sell their products or services online.

Annotations were one of the biggest changes YouTube decided to implement that led to a big rework on how people used YouTube to market their products. After that, a lot of other changes took place: SEO, algorithms, watch time, suggested videos, etc.

Is YouTube a dead horse?

Definitely not. However, you need to understand how YouTube operates now so that you can use the best strategy to showcase your products and services in the platform.

YouTube is not a goldmine anymore. The goldmine rush is definitely gone.

You won’t get rich on YouTube just by accumulating views. Instead, YouTube had become a platform for strategic product placement. The talk about niching down has never been more important than now.

By targeting your products in front of your client’s needs you’ll make sure the message resonates directly with them. After that, you’ll just have to place your products or services in front of their eyes to make a sale.

How To Use YouTube Marketing To Sell Your Products

As we’ve talked before, YouTube isn’t about the goldmine rush anymore. Despite some videos still making up to the millions of views on the mainstream channel, this is not what you should be worried about.

Today, if you’re using YouTube as a marketing strategy you’ll have to understand it as a platform just like any other and focus on basically two things:

1- Niching Down
2- YouTube Marketing Strategies

If you can reach the mainstream and millions of views, you’ll need to make sure your message will be seen by the ones who really matter, which are the people that will buy your products or hire your services.

You’ll only achieve that by creating a targeted message at those people, by really working on their deepest fears and how your product or services can offer a solution for that… But I guess you already know that, right?

In this blog post we are going to discuss what are the best youtube marketing strategies you can start implementing now to boost your sales and close more deals than ever.

YouTube Marketing Strategies

Here are the basic marketing strategies you can use on your YouTube channel to boost your product sales and close more deals.

1- YouTube Cards
2- YouTube Descriptions
3- Video Elements
4- YouTube Channel HomePage
5- Featured Video

YouTube Cards

YouTube Cards is one of the most obvious ways to make use of YouTube to showcase your products or services.

But, what are YouTube cards?

Have you ever seen that little “eye’ that sometimes pops up in the video you’re watching? Those are YouTube cards.

Those little cards pop up in certain areas of the video with a teaser text to capture your viewer’s attention to whatever you’re linking.

You can create cards that link to other videos, external website (like your own or a landing page), merchandise websites, etc.

The one thing you need to have in mind when creating a card is to time it correctly. Most people create random cards that do not connect with the rest of the video. Needless to say that it brings its conversion rate near to zero.

Cards (and its message) can’t be disconnected from the rest of the video. When placing a card make sure you’ll align it with a call to action. A good call to action would be a callout in the middle of the video to your product or service.

By doing that you’ll sync the moment the card appears with a clear call to action which always increases conversion rates. By doing that, your viewers will have greater chances of clicking on the cards.

YouTube Descriptions

YouTube Descriptions are another form of marketing your products and services on YouTube.

The description of a video on YouTube can not only make or break your video (in terms of SEO, for example) but can also help you drive sales for your products or services.

However, in order for that to happen you’ll need to use the YouTube description field wisely.

I once had the pleasure to work alongside with the amazing Josh Earl and we both set up a marketing campaign to drive clicks to a landing page that would increase email subscribers.

We could include the call to action in any place inside of the YouTube description field, but we wanted to make sure that we would get the most clicks out of it. So, we decided to place it right at the beginning. IN ALL VIDEOS.

Note that the description does not appear in its entirely. People will actually have to click on the “Show More” if they really want to see the whole thing. Keep that in mind and make sure you’ll include the most important part of your YouTube description right at the beginning.

Needless to say that the whole campaign was a big success. We got over 20,000 clicks by the time we changed the campaign and we still get clicks and sign ups from it. Definitely a successful evergreen campaign.

Video Elements

Video elements are a big part of any successful marketing strategy, especially if you want to sell products and services using YouTube.

Part of this can be explained because of our “visual” attention. We are drawn by visual elements. When we can actually see what is going on (see what the product looks like, for example) we are much more likely to close a certain deal.

When I was hired by Simple Programmer to create a YouTube Marketing Strategy for their YouTube channel I knew I had to make use of video elements to draw attention to their products and services.

My strategy was to make use of three strategies and unite them to make them even more powerful:

1- YouTube Cards
2- Video Call To Action
3- Video Elements

Take a look at the example below:

The video element enters at the left showing and grabbing the viewer’s attention to the card. At the same time, the cards pops up and John Sonmez talks about the deal, creating a clear call to action to everyone who is watching the video and might be interested in the deal.


The trick here is to grab as much attention as you can to the YouTube cards, which is where people will actually click to go to where you want them to go.

However, pay attention to this: Everything has its limits. Don’t overdo anything. Don’t make it look tacky or cheap. Use these strategies with ease and make it flow. Remember that everything done in excess tends to work the other way around.

YouTube Channel Homepage

This is something most people don’t know which is definitely costing you some clicks to your products and websites.

YouTube now lets you link to some important website on your channel homepage. You can link up to 5 websites and social media links, which can be very important if you want to tell people about your other online channels.What you can do, here, is link to different pages and not only your main website. If you have a landing page for a product or a service, link this page directly.

By doing that you increase the chances of people hitting and landing exactly on your product’s page. Do not waste this underrated YouTube marketing feature.

Featured Video

YouTube has made a lot of changes into their overall channel layout. Due to all those changes, it has introduced some new and interesting features that can help you with sales.

One of the biggest and most notorious changes was the ability to add video trailers to your channel. Most creators follow the basic and what is expected from them: they create a simple trailer showcasing the best moments from the channel.

While this might seem like a good strategy, of course, you might end losing some sales using this technique.

YouTube lets you include two “featured videos” for the people who watch your channel: for new subscribers and for returning subscribers.

You can use those spots to showcase your products by including a sales video. By doing that, you put your products right in front of your audience everytime they go to your channel.

You can also use an introductory video for your services.

When I was hired by Simple Programmer to boost their YouTube channel I knew I could do something like that. After the release of their latest book, I’ve included the video trailer right at the channel’s homepage for returning subscribers.

In that video we have a clear call to actios and the link for people to buy the book.

Wrapping It Up

YouTube is NOT dead, but it definitely does not work like it used to.

Today, if you really want to succeed, you need to create a clear message and make use of every strategy available to you.

Rodrigo Chichierchio

Since I started in the marketing world, I decided I wanted to innovate and find new ways in which companies could reach its customers by creating content. Today, I devote my time in developing strategies that help companies create effective content marketing strategies.

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